ITWASSOOTED: lost images

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

lost images

i'm not sure about this, i think they might be fookun with my pictures.
i scrolled through last months posts to see if they had any pressing comments that might need to be answered, and i find none. that doesn't surprise me there is hardly a thing woth it here. but there are pictures missing. even on several reloads i'm not getting them to come up. one was a diplomatic list from the u.k. showing all the spy cocksuckers that was on cryptome i think(i'll go look as soon as i'm done bitching) the other one was of two soccer players one gouging the others eye with the tip of an extreeemly long appendage, if you can call it that.
i'm going to reload again and again and see if they appear. i would hate to think they dissapeared and i fergot to make my own local copy to replace them.
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