ITWASSOOTED: bird flu scare didn't work

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

bird flu scare didn't work

now they resurrect swine flu scare mongering.

here's your likely scenario.

THE MAN cries wolf too many times visa vi the flu scares.

Nobody pays attention, all of a sudden THE MAN unleashes their own concoction of "flu" and kills zillions of unsuspecting useless eaters.

THE MAN has an antidote ready for its minions much like the whitehouse was allegedly on asshole administered cipro before they unleashed "thrax" on selected members of congress and selected news media outlets.

my orders at my house are nobody here takes the government shots for flu.
let the cocksuckers quarrenteen us and kill us in our beds for not obeying thier demands.
I say fuck them evil bastards all with a rope
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