ITWASSOOTED: why rush into anything?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

why rush into anything?

never do today what you can put off till next week. wasn't sure blogs would catch on,also its hard to say anything meaningful when your as lazy as i am. or say anything indepth while typing with one finger and damn near zero punctuation or spelling corrections.
it is quite possible i'll get addicted to blogging and actually run with it for oh hell 6 months maybe 8. i'm doubting it though. i'll lose my account password or login name sooner than that and abandon the whole thing. but the lure of seeing your name up in lights is just too tempting to resist any longer.
aight i'm fookin bored with this part already, i'll post this and see what the fook else is in here...
if you don't comment no angel will gets its wings... 0