ITWASSOOTED: You don't have to live like a refugee

Saturday, September 24, 2005

You don't have to live like a refugee

I was pondering refugees the other day on my drive from lakeville to home after work. A solitary time for pondering stuff.
It is estimated that by 1990, more than 90,000 Hmong refugees have gone to live in the United States. Another 60,000 lowland Lao have also been resettled in the West, mostly in the United States (source). Now its entirely possible their are more refugees from southeast Asia that I'm quoting here. I think the united states official involvement ended around 1975. In the very recent past refugees have been brought into this country from camps in Thailand I believe . These people have been fucked over by one form of asshole or another. A number of these same refugees are being payed back for services rendered for uncle Sam against the communists in the Indochina wars. Ok that said, you can f.o. if you say shut up you xenophobia. I don't personally give a rip as long as every one has an equal stake in making this place a better place to live, since this is after all a country of freekin immigrant and immigrant descendants mostly.
after gulf war one how many Iraqi refugees where permitted entry into this country to keep them from being shot up by helicopter gunships?
according to this report over 32,000 Iraqi refugees were resettled in the United States through 2002, adding to the population of non-refugee Iraqi immigrants, for a total of about 90,000 foreign-born Iraqis (Grieco, 2003). Not to mention the disruption of the neighboring states economies with local traffic in refugees. I say when we calculate the cost of aggression at these "rogue" states we factor in the never ending cost of destroyed lives. The resettlement costs burdened on the American tax payers the Jordanian fruit sellers etc...The generosity of most of the united states knows no bounds. We are still paying the price for an affiliation with Lao tribesmen that aided the CIA in a war that was lost over 30 years ago. How long will we pay in national treasure for gulf oil adventures? Hell if I know. How long do the non-refugees pay for our destruction in their lands? Hell if I know. Anyway I slice it I'm not so damn sure we need to go around the planet demanding democracies blossom after being fertilized with depleted uranium.Ok I'm positive we don't need to.
the defense departments budget is somewhere around 400 billion a year doubt that includes any misadventures ongoing or on start up phase. When you plan for wars with defense budgets like this you get wars. I don't see enough planning for the peace anywhere about. All the money spent on defense in the last 50 years couldn't stop alleged highjackers from ramming the seat of this countries defense department imagine that will ya? Then all the money stolen to create another "defense" type department "homeland security" can't protect and aid in a timely fashion citizens of this gawd damn country in a natural disaster. What is homeland security if not protecting our gawd damn shores from invasion, be it weather or terrroristas crossing the southern borders unabated?
blather blather blather blah I'm finished just wondering.....
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