ITWASSOOTED: Dante the C out for season

Monday, October 31, 2005

Dante the C out for season

Maybe i was a tad harsh yesterday in my insinuation that Dante went down to injury on purpose. maybe, I mean fuck as soon as I seen it thats what went through my head this guy is out for season.. I didn't think it was particular thiesman like bend or anything of the sort. It just happened in a sick season for the vikings and Dante well, he's having as crap season why not cut yer loses and try again next year. Unless this ligament thing never heals up proper and the vikings brain trust with the number one or two pick next year gets that bigshot usc Trojan quarterback? hey a boyee can dream can't he? the Vikings are dreaming if they think two more wins this season are attainable. these guys are toast, and if it was a threat of randy moss on your team that created the offensive mystic the Vikings enjoyed in the past well maybe dante going down at this time in a 2-5 season just kinda proves the point. There was no threat at all with this bunch unless of coursae you was teenaged barmaid on a Minnetonka cruise boat......................
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