ITWASSOOTED: Two traffic related blog-0-rants

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two traffic related blog-0-rants

First traffic blog-0-rant is from this mornings commute. I left for work which is about a 25 minute drive at the hour a left at today, the earliest I've left in two weeks. I'm thinkin woohoo easy peasy drive in calm, cool, relaxing.. About half way into town the traffic slows it shouldn't be slowing so soon, unless an accident.up a little bit ahead I glimmer a flashing red light towards what I think should be shoulder area. aigh settle in its an accident. When I see one squad ahead I never know if more are going to be coming up from behind so I don't want to fall asleep and have them up my ass before I shift over to let them by. Semi-alert for emergency vehicles I do the brake gas dance for a few minutes when I see flashing lights from behind. I slowly pull over to edge of shoulder to let them by through the middle of the highway it looks like that where they are coming up I'm in left lane I pull extreme left. THREE OR FOUR CARS FUCKIN pass me. AS THE AMBULANCE SLOWLY CREEPS BY IN THE CENTER OF THE FREEWAY. THESE FUCKING MORANS JUST HAD TO ADVANCE THAT MUCH AHEAD. W00P sorry I was screaming. Now it is possible they are inattentive drivers and never saw the lights coming up behind them. Its possible, but I'm not giving them an automatic pass on that one. There was only one reason for traffic to be slowed in this area and that's an accident. Now I ask you fellow travelers say it was you laying on the fucking road bleeding in shock and needing assistance (and maybe some ringers stat)saw it on emergency)would you care that a bunch of assholes are impeding the emergency vehicles? Oh I thought not I'm telling you right now you sunsabitches the karma wheel is huge and it never fookun forgets never. Just try and remember that tomorrow as you go along your self important fookun day. I'll tell you second traffic related blog-0-rant in a few minutes I gotta calm down get a cup of coffee say hi to the chidrens...............
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