ITWASSOOTED: Chambers hotel update

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chambers hotel update

the link is actually starting to look linkable

we get to cover all that grey iron with double layer 5/8 gypsum w00fookunh000

from the roof of procolor looking northeast

this is south 5th floor that we will be infilling with cold formed steel in about two weeks. This edge is up from street I think 65' and I'm still working out how we will get up to this area to sheet it, and finish the upper portion around that end fucking truss. If you sight up from the slab edge to the truss you can see what I mean, some genius has put my 6" wall right through this truss up to the underside of the deck that's not there yet. But its an interesting idea, that's not really feasible. But I will figure it out soon

roof steel started 5th floor procolor
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