ITWASSOOTED: Crusaders for Christmas: what about Santa?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Crusaders for Christmas: what about Santa?

Are the likes of bill o'really and john Gibson of the "war on Christmas" fame really that upset about a bullshit battle over people saying and using the phrase happy holiday or seasons greetings? Are they totally wrapped up in this idea of protecting Christian beliefs year round everyday every waking minute that the write books about the erosion of beliefs in Christendom? They will spend thousands of broadcast hours on this silly subject rubbing sticks of faith together in hopes of kindling a fire or fervor amongst their like minded brethren? I think they just want in santa's pants, they want to co-opt the money tree that is Christmas. dunno if o'really has a "Christmas is for Christians" book out yet but if this ad campaign goes well I'm sure he will.
is it possible that these people really believe that the world is being over run by Muslims, Buddhists, fulong gongsters Zionists Hindus.... Am I forgetting a billion people here? These guys are in a club that's payed to beat us over the head every chance they get that the Muslim hoard is about to invade our space and take all our shit stone our neighbors and cut off our adulterating heads RIGHT NOW! Be afraid if you must I'm gonna just worry about the real boogy man and he's already under raymis' bed fuckers.
well come and get me you clerics of zealotry I'm ready to defend myself with this "I COULD GIVE A SHIT AND NEITHER COULD ANYBODY I EAT LUNCH WITH" in nutcase central which I put the capitol the united states, nobody but a narrow band of kkk'ers really fuckin care if its "happy holiday" "seasons greetings" or "fuck I gotta go shopping" just leave em alone and give us a deal on a wide screen plasma teeveee already we wanna watch the big game without your sniveling whining bullshit ringing in our ears.
could you assmunchers put as much effort into exposing the pnac mobsters for what they are? The chalibis of the world? The adnan kashogis? The bfee? The Carlyle group? Huh? Could you spend some time doing something useful for a change?
and a note to o'really they acquitted alarian you Crazy assed loofa stuffer
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