ITWASSOOTED: Taps for the saps

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Taps for the saps

My apologies to any actual saps or sap wanna bees:

wire taps, at home and around the world is what unka Sam does for a living. This country spends more classified money on spy craft that a large portion of the rest of the worlds countries spend on every fuckin thing they do.
we as tax payers let them. Why? Well fuck all if I know where this bullshit went unchecked and was allowed to flourish. In the interest of protection this country 'the united states" spent countless trillions on an armed force to repel foreign invaders, they called the commies. In every corner of the globe for 40 years we as tax payers spent trillions fighting secret dirty cocksucker wars. Deposing elected officials assassinations all over the globe sponsoring terrorisms in other countries and blamed it on local oppositions. oppositions to global corporations stealing of indigenous recourses.
the trillions stolen and spent allegedly didn't protect this country from this remarkable "new" enemy that alleged attacked this country with jets. Yes I say allegedly I've seen hardly a drop of real evidence that it was what has been reported is what happened. Bullshit investigations whitewash commissions and tones of classified material. fuck you its not selling here.
the stolen and wasted trillions do nothing to protect our shores when we are paying to exploit and destroy destabilize the rest of the planet at a globalista whim and fancy. Or as they like to define it "our own good" "e fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here." well bullshit again you liar mother fuckers, they allegedly can fight us right fuckin here in our pizza joints whenever they fucking please and you are not capable of stopping them. Period not capable.
back when the fake Russian boogie man collapsed you cocksuckers all got your think tanking caps on and had to come up with another bogeyman another way to keep the peoples of the world all scared and under their beds willing to give up liberties willing to give up rights willing to let government be done to them instead of government being done by the the people for the people.
your game is working you have the world bombed almost into submission almost believing you are here to protect us all, but be fucking ware you are being watched as you are watching us. And some day the civilized people here about may get tired of being scared into you stealing their minds, that we fight back and take what is ours our right to be left alone from the likes of you.

fuck you very much and good night
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