ITWASSOOTED: “the Triumvirate.”

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

“the Triumvirate.”

will his flock get the tar and feathers or just forgive him and wash away his sins with more cash for the trials?

Did he fleece his flock? In the 1990’s, as the head of the Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed became the face of Christian conservativism. And what a face: Scrubbed and clean - innocent-looking as a choirboy.

While some might see “tells” of fakery in Reed’s syrupy, corporatized speech patterns and overly formal mannerisms, his soothing demeanor undoubtedly has an appeal among ultra-rightwing voters. Over past five years or so, he has made a small fortune as a lobbyist and fundraiser working with Christian organizations.

Recently, investigators into the Indian gaming scandals uncovered evidence that Reed may have abused the trust of Christian groups by surreptitiously using their political clout to line his own pockets with millions of dollars.
from pensito review, go look now!
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