ITWASSOOTED: Vikings take the bus

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Vikings take the bus

I'm not back on the band wagon assholes, just a public service message.
the Vikings are at home today against a solid squad the Pittsburgh Steelers.
"the bus" Jerome bettis should have a lot to say today about the Vikings playoff aspirations. He's a load to hold. I think their qb rothesburger has some nagging injuries, he could fuck up just enough at these hungry Viking ball Steelers in the secondary. Only one team in the nfl has more picks than the queens that's cincy.
this looks to me to be the game to determine if the Vikings are ready willing and able to play in the nfl playoffs. Any fuck up here they would prove they are not quality to advance. Even if by some fluke they would, it would just be a temporary mind fuck to the real Viking fanatics around the country. They will be let down yet again but they will tell you what a fun ride it was, an d hey BTW lets dump Dante.
its already rumbling around here to get rid of him.
the joke is he never did anything on that boat....cause he fumbled his balls all over the poop deck.
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