ITWASSOOTED: Who has time to waste on the computer

Friday, December 30, 2005

Who has time to waste on the computer

today I ask a guy working on site if he looked at the blog, (always promoting the sham that is itwassooted)(or is it spam)he says" who has time to fuck with computers every day?" or something in that vein. I thought for a few seconds on that little dig at my chronic waste of time hobby. Then I forgot what I was even thinking about five minutes earlier. I had other things to actually concentrate on. I knew I would revisit the whole exchange when I was busy wasting my time tonight.
I have tried other hobbies like binge drinking, binge drug taking, binge cards, binge bingEing,(FUCK YOU T0O) and I find that it wasn't getting me much real satisfaction after I woke up broke and I came down. Now this binge blogging is getting almost the Same satisfaction. I can binge all I care to, and so far I haven't missed a day of work because of it hell no urge to even stay home and binge blog. Imagine that eh? I can how ever still annoy the hell outta people with my hobby of binge blogging and asking people repeatedly to "hey go look see at itwassooted" and if you don't like it I might drool on ya and say F.O.
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