ITWASSOOTED: 40 year old virgins

Sunday, January 08, 2006

40 year old virgins

Watched a movie last night . 40 year old virgin. The movie sucked weasel dicks as far as any high stomach splitting comedy was concerned. I think I saw all the funniest lines on trailers months before the movie, I was hoping these were just the moderately funny lines. fuck no they were the funny lines.
but on a side note Mrs Rossi watched the movie with me, that's just usually a ploy to get sumpin sumpin, but last night it was about snoring, but on opposite sides off the bed. After 213 years of sleeping in the same bed ever night every night night after night after night............Oh sorry I got carried away there with that line of thinking. Well I woke up about 10:30 and hardly thought about work while sleeping, maybe didn't even cross my dreamscape at all. I'm attributing it to a shift of the sides of the bed, I left my work dreaming to that area of the house. Now if I just move out of the room completely to sleep maybe I won't have to ever think about work while at home.............................
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