ITWASSOOTED: ABC's Woodruff, Cameraman Injured in Iraq

Sunday, January 29, 2006

ABC's Woodruff, Cameraman Injured in Iraq

these lives are no more or no less than the lives already killed or maimed around the globe by the imperilistas. the attention will non the less be drawn to the plight of the barbarity of wars of the neo-cons as they strive to reshape the planet in pnacs image.

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer

NEW YORK - ABC News co-anchor Bob Woodruff and a cameraman were seriously injured Sunday in an attack and explosion while reporting from Iraq.

The two journalists were traveling with U.S. and Iraqi troops near Taji, about 12 miles north of Baghdad, when an improvised explosive device went off, ABC News President David Westin said. Both suffered serious head injuries and were taken into surgery at a U.S. military hospital in the area, the network said.

Both Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt were wearing body armor and helmets, the network said. The two had been embedded with the 4th Infantry Division and were traveling with an Iraqi Army unit.

The Iraqi mechanized vehicle they were riding in is considered more dangerous than U.S. vehicles. ABC said the two were traveling that way to get the perspective of the Iraqi military.

Officials at U.S. military headquarters in Baghdad confirmed that the ABC News team was involved in an attack but declined to provide further details to The Associated Press. An official military statement was expected to be issued later Sunday.
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