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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The big contribution was something of a surprise

“Dishonest” – Oh Look, There’s a Picture of Florida Republicans in the Dictionary
Posted by Trish Jan. 12, 2006, 3:44 pm

Worried Florida Republicans are behind a proposed state constitutional amendment to gay marriage, according to the St. Petersburg Times. Of the $193,000 raised by, $150,000 was given in a lump sum on Nov. 25 by the Florida GOP.

“It certainly was helpful,” Florida4Marriage chairman John Stemberger said of the donation, which he said was unsolicited. “I’m not at liberty to discuss the details, but they came to us and gave us the money.”

The big contribution was something of a surprise because the effective head of the state party, Gov. Jeb Bush, has been decidedly tepid about the proposed constitutional amendment. He has characterized it as well-meaning (sic) but unnecessary because state law already bars same-sex marriage.

That’s right. It’s already illegal to marry just anybody in Florida. The point of this sham movement is to get out the frenzied GOoPer vote. Cynical leaders are betting their high moral principals will ensure these wingers vote to force gays to continue living in sin. And while they’re there, they will vote to keep corrupt Republican lawmakers in office.

Still, it’s turning out to be a little harder sell than anticipated. Their side needs 600,000 signatures by Feb. 1 to get the phony amendment on the primary ballot. So far, they only have 250,000 but

volunteers are working feverishly at 10 makeshift processing centers at churches and offices in Central Florida.

“It is clear we are not where we want to be,” [Florida4Marriage chairman John Stemberger] said, “but we are seeing tens of thousands (of signatures) a day and if the pace continues we could easily do this.”
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