ITWASSOOTED: we want lunch

Friday, January 20, 2006

we want lunch

{rude^boyee} so there I was minding my own biddness
{rude^boyee} it snowed twice this week
{rude^boyee} lil bits light fluffy snow
{rude^boyee} but about 3-4 inch accumulation
{rude^boyee} I ask one kid as he sat eating my food, "hey will you shovel the driveways"?
{rude^boyee} he says when I'm done eating
{rude^boyee} now be mindful these drive ways are not quarter mile long
{rude^boyee} no real heavy banked up shit at the ends either
{rude^boyee} no heart attack involved'
{rude^boyee} I retire
{rude^boyee} I wake up at 4:00 am to get my ass the gypsum mines
{rude^boyee} there is a note scrawled
{rude^boyee} yes scrawled
{rude^boyee} I can scan it and post it if they didn't burn it
{rude^boyee} the note reads
{rude^boyee} I need lunch money
{rude^boyee} nick
{rude^boyee} rosco opens the back door looks out to see the cleanly shoveled areas
{rude^boyee} but wait
{rude^boyee} they are not cleaned of snow
{rude^boyee} I open the front door at least expecting that the mothers drive was done
{rude^boyee} nope
{rude^boyee} sidewalks?
{rude^boyee} nope
{rude^boyee} nadda
{rude^boyee} zip
{rude^boyee} bubkis
{rude^boyee} and responds to the note
{rude^boyee} what you can't shovel the snow?
{rude^boyee} no i can't buy you lunch
{rude^boyee} and lunch money aint no 5 dollars either dewds
{rude^boyee} i write checks for lunch that are in the 50 dollar range every few weeks
{rude^boyee} and not for both the lil ingrate sunsabitches
{rude^boyee} just one
{rude^boyee} aight
{rude^boyee} flash forward
{rude^boyee} its now 4:00 pm
{rude^boyee} i just got home from
{rude^boyee} work
{rude^boyee} yes work
{rude^boyee} are my drive ways cleaned?
{rude^boyee} is the walk been cleared?
{rude^boyee} no
{rude^boyee} and no
{rude^boyee} there is a part two
{rude^boyee} be back soon
{Cerberus} a part two!
{rude^boyee} yes
{rude^boyee} stay tuned
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