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Saturday, February 04, 2006

circular jerking:Pakistani gas pipeline blown up

Pakistani gas pipeline blown up

Tribesmen have blown up a gas pipeline in Pakistan's troubled southern province of Balochistan, officials say.

Armed militants also fired more than 200 rockets at a major base belonging to the Pakistani security forces in the area, they said.

Both attacks took place in the district of Dera Bugti, about 350km (250 miles) from the provincial capital, Quetta.

The situation in Balochistan has deteriorated with increasing violence between rebels and security forces.

Dera Bugti is Pakistan's main gas producing area.

armed militants? 200 rockets? tribesmen? who the fuck sells tribesmen rockets and why? can we circular jerks get a few snapshots of the shell fragments? or maybe an interview with the "militant rebels"? i doubt it to busy repeating already reported news to the dumbfucks that wouldn't normaly be reading news
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