ITWASSOOTED: Hall of Fame broadcaster Gowdy dies

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hall of Fame broadcaster Gowdy dies

Voice of the Red Sox' loses battle with leukemia
By Mike Petraglia / Special to

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The unmistakable Hall of Fame voice of the Red Sox and a national baseball audience for a generation has passed away.

Curt Gowdy, enshrined in Cooperstown in 1984 as a Ford C. Frick Award winner, died Monday after battling leukemia while living in his West Palm Beach, Fla., home. He was 86.

Gowdy broadcast 13 World Series and 16 Major League All-Star Games.

The Wyoming native made his debut in 1944 broadcasting a football game atop an orange crate in sub-zero weather. His enthusiasm quickly caught on and earned him a job broadcasting the New York Yankees alongside Mel Allen in 1949
Curt Gowdy
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