ITWASSOOTED: chambers update

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

chambers update

This morning while walking around the site before many other people were on site my foot caught a 20'length of 1" copper pipe. And off to the fookun circus I went. The pipe seemed to stick to my boot toe. It wouldn't fall off. I'm falling forward with a pipe stuck to my boot. My gynormous bulk of a person can't be stopped on its eventual downward fall. I fell about 10' from where I first started tripping. Landed on both palms my knee and my fookun elbow hurt for a few tens of minutes while the bruises set in. I landed on several other pipes that have been laying on the corridor floor for days upon days. Of course I should have been picking my feet up instead of shuffling along aimlessly. I quickly regained my sense of direction and looked behind me to see if anyone was watching or there was a funniest home video camera man, as we all know there is nothing funnier than a grown fat man getting hurt as he falls or hit in the balls by a child's baseball bat now is there? I looked about and thank gawd nobody was looking or filming so i wouldn't have to exclaim in haste " i meant to do that"