ITWASSOOTED: Snow on road = vacation day for some

Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow on road = vacation day for some

I left my house around 4 ish this morning. I knew about a day in advance a snow storm was coming a pretty substantial storm at that considering snow has been sparse around here for years. I can start work anytime from when I get there to 7 a.m. I'm lucky that way being the boss I suppose but still who wants to drive in a near blizzard with a bunch of moronic semi literate drivers on a Monday morning? Today our work roster was 52 in total. 15 of those decided that the risk of driving in wasn't worth the reward of a full days pay for actually chatting about the snow and your drive into town or back out. As it seems half the rest of the schmuck did today. Oh sure work got done but still I would preferred a full compliment of moronic half literate rockers to bitch moan and complain at....