ITWASSOOTED: Poker tips site harbours Trojan

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Poker tips site harbours Trojan

Losing hand
By John Leyden
Published Tuesday 16th May 2006 14:17 GMT

Security watchers have discovered a Trojan with built in root-kit functionality that's designed to steal the credentials of online poker players.

This isn't particularly unusual in itself, but anti-virus researchers at Finnish security firm F-Secure discovered the malware was hidden in a ostensibly legitimate package offered for download at, a site which provides advice and tools to online poker players.

Analysis of the Trojan revealed a sophisticated and targeted attack featuring a number of malware (executable) components that a compromised package called RBCalc.exe (AKA Rakeback calculator) deposits on vulnerable Windows PCs.

"The purpose of the dropped executables is to collect login information for various online poker websites from the user's computer and send them back to the malware author. In addition, the main malware component was protected by a rootkit driver that hid its process and launch point from registry," F-Secure's researchers note in a blog entry.
its easy enough to lose your stash without malware fuckers takin some too, i blame the rusian mafia!