ITWASSOOTED: Sorry about the "Gupta"

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sorry about the "Gupta"

Worked today. We are so behind I guess we need to work weekends and overtime to try and catch the schedule. Didn't put my bags on but, I worked to get the cartoon drawings of the 1st floor bar into a solid look for the "brain wizards" to see on Monday they could make some minor adjustments after they see it in the flesh so to speak. Ken started the fireplace as requested, rocked 1st floor with 4-5 guys made a little progress. I think I missed instructing them on the way to router the lights in place that will be an issue on Monday I'm sure! 6-7 guys worked framing walls and ceilings at 5f today only made it up there once today as we had no elevator operator, and I was fookun busy building shit from a cartoon. Had a chicken barbecue Sammy at the bar across the street, it was cold in the middle I'm sure I have avian flu as we speak!
the real fuck up of the day came about two o'clock when I was about to start another ceiling soffit connection. I noticed a piece of track was in line with both my beam wrap and an adjacent wall. Well it shouldn't have been in line it should have been offset by 5/8 of an inch. The rest of the day was spent finding out where the problem was how to fix it and a bunch of cocksuckinmotherfuckinbastiges being thrown about. I only smashed one piece of sheetrock against a stud so no real damage was done. I needed an extreme vent position the verbiage wasn't enough I needed to smash something to redirect my pain of mental anguish that comes to me when something I directed gets done incorrectly. Not to fault anyone but myself for my lack of proper communication skills to the less than brilliant help we sometimes need to endure in our workaday lives. That being said out here in the blogosphere makes me feel better and I'll deal with the rest on Monday a calmer cooler more collected soul. Maybe I'll take some pictures too for all my Belgian friend.