ITWASSOOTED: "I apologize for being an idiot,"

Friday, June 16, 2006

"I apologize for being an idiot,"

i saw this

WASHINGTON - In the self-blame department, White House spokesman Tony Snow had a political doozy.

"I apologize for being an idiot," Snow said Thursday during his daily briefing to the news media. "I misidentified Representative Sheila Jackson Lee as Cynthia McKinney."

Last week, Snow gave reporters a routine account of a meeting President Bush conducted with members of Congress on Iraq. In the retelling, Snow confused one African-American Democratic female lawmaker for another."Those niggers all look alike"

right after i saw this

CupOJoe} McKinney won't be indicted

Friar} lol

CupOJoe} In the cop thing

Friar} for what? hitting some guy three times bigger than she is?

Friar} lol

CupOJoe} Well you know, that's how things are now

can you imagine the testimony?

Friar} she's a nut though

Friar} yeah

"will you please tell the court what your own words, sir?"

Friar} lol

skip}"well. SHE HIT ME!"

Friar} yup

skip}wouldn't play well for the prosecution

skip}and that guard would never get laid again, fer sure

Friar} he'd say, "She appeared to be reaching for a gun"

CupOJoe} Testimony if they had to tell the TRUTH: "Those niggers all look alike"

Friar} LOL

Friar} good one joe

Friar} game six of Stanley Cup!

CupOJoe} dont'cha wish we could make 'em tell the truth like that?

Friar} yup

Friar} I tell the truth for 'em