ITWASSOOTED: If slander and hate don't do the trick,

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If slander and hate don't do the trick,

Bringing It All Back Home: The Bush War on Liberty Intensifies
Written by Chris Floyd

Tuesday, 27 June 2006
Glenn Greenwald has the goods on the all-out war that the Bush Regime and its bootlicking sycophants throughout the right-wing media are waging against the free
press. The recent "controversy" over the New York Times report on the Regime's surveillance of bank records is, as Greenwald astutely notes, based entirely on outright falsehoods. It is also being deliberately stoked by the White House, whose lies about the non-existent "damage" the NYT story has done to national security are exposed here -- by their own words. Greenwald turns up quote after quote, going back years, many of them from Bush himself, detailing the same kind of information relayed in the Times' story. Yet, as Greenwald and others report (Atrios has been good on this as well), the Regime's hate campaign has now burst into the media mainstream, where calls for Times editors to stand trial for the capital crime of treason are routinely being aired, along with scarcely veiled exhortations for mob violence against the press. (But only the so-called "liberal" press. The fact that the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and other papers have also run stories on the banking records is ignored or dismissed by the hatemongers.)