ITWASSOOTED: Energy companies expected to report combined second-quarter profits of more than $30 billion

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Energy companies expected to report combined second-quarter profits of more than $30 billion

AP) Five of the world's largest energy companies are expected to report combined second-quarter profits next week of more than $30 billion, a bounty fueled by worldwide economic growth and political instability that helped keep oil above $70 a barrel.

economic growth? Try rampant speculation on the commodities markets. More and more hedge fund players entered the petroleum markets as a way to boost profits. Consumers be damned they have a pretty good idea that we are not going to stop driving our cars and trucks. We still need to get to work to buy fookun food the bastards. Then in our panic from gasoline shock we can be had for tricks and bobbles like "lite rail". This state at one time after the second world war had one of the greatest trolley rail systems in the western world. So I've been told. What happened to it? it was sold off to Mexico city so we could ride buses and drive our own cars.

flash forward 50 years and now we need to re-build rail service in this state because of the expansion gridlock on the freeway systems? These freeways were never intended to have the amount of traffic that is daily put upon it.

we have expansions out farther and farther from the core industrial cities and less and less road capacity. So re-build the fookun lite rail at a ridiculous cost to everyone concerned and then a few zillion probably not even born yet as they will be saddled with further debt.

but the few energy companies that own all the energy products globally can gouge consumers at will and nobody blinks twice. They do blink at the pump for a second but its forgotten very soon after driving away. if I'm wrong let me know but I can't see much throttling back on the driving done in this part of the country, actually I see none.

anytime day or night there a scads of people out driving around getting something with a car. These gougers know it and won't stop until its costs then in sanctions of some kind. 'we the people" are not represented at the table when it comes to making sanctions so I'm not holding my breath as to when or if they will ever come.........
gas gougers make billions per quarter and we all still drive around like fookun Rockefeller, link
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