ITWASSOOTED: Stem cell hypocrites

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stem cell hypocrites

Has anybody mentioned lately what a liar and hypocrite the president of the united states is? I mean today, yesterday, the day before? Ok I will then today.
this giant bloviateing pustual has the gall to expound on stem cells as potential babies being killed if the lil cysts are harvested instead of being tossed in the trash as is now the case and in the same brain of his he has ordered and condoned the killing of tens of thousands of innocent civilians as collateral damage in wars fostered by his ignorance, arrogance and hubris.

john Bolton expounded on the virtues of who should live and who deserves to die the other day too. These people, (I mean the nasty assed republican neoconartist that have taken over the American government)have the unmitigated nerve to tell the rest of the planet who when and why you are going to be allowed to live.

An already viable alive human being has less chance of making it to see the sunrise tomorrow in Iraq than does a fucking cyst in a laboratory somewhere!

luckily so far for the most of us in America, bombs are not raining down on our heads at the moment. How long that can last who knows. But as long as evil doers are in charge and are representing this country around the world we can look forward to the hate coming home to rest on our heads to let some of us go to an early long goodnite............
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