ITWASSOOTED: U.S. To pay $48 million to cover damages to Gaza power station

Saturday, July 01, 2006

U.S. To pay $48 million to cover damages to Gaza power station

United States officials said they expect that U.S. funds will be used to pay for the damages caused by an Israel Air Force strike Tuesday on a Palestinian power station in the Gaza Strip. The power station was insured by a U.S. government agency, according to The Boston Globe.


The power station in Gaza was built over a period of five years, at a cost of $150 million. In 1999, the Enron Corporation, along with Palestinian businessman Said Khoury, began working on the project. In 2000, Khoury's Morganti Group purchased Enron's share of the project.

just so you know a u.s. government agency that insures something, isn't an entity of itself making money by itself, its a tax payer funded entity. I don't have to tell you that if this shit is true we the people will again pay for our 51st states aggressions and apartheid policies...........
A spokesman for the agency said the insurance purchased by the Morganti Group covers instances of political violence, which include wars and acts of terror.
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