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Thursday, August 17, 2006

redwing boots

Earlier this week I had one of my minions here at home take off my boots after a grueling day at the gypsum mines.
as they where being tossed under a chair to rest Till;ll morning I notice a fookun tear on the upper heal area.
then I look harder and sure as shit the stitching is tore about 4 inches around the upper heal on both boots.
now that is goddamned strange, because I bought these in mid-march of this same year 2006.
that's hardly 6 months ago.

ok no I don't take off my boots with the toe of my other boot.
always my boots are untied unlike most of my kids shoes they either are never tied or never untied .
that is a sure way to ruin the heal area prematurely.
ok making this stoopid story longer as to shorten the distance traveled to get to my fookun point.
wife's off work for two weeks, I ask her to take these shoes to town to the chets shoe store and tell the assmuncher I want new fucking shoes not a stitch job.
first off she drives all the way to shoestore on Tuesday and forgets the shoes at home, day wasted.
in the mean time I'm wearing a wore out pair of boots that were replaced because they hurt my fookun legs back and feet.
Wednesday she takes them in with my instructions, making sure the weasel understands I aint excepting "repaired" boots with my work phone number.
of course the manager isn't in on Wednesday he will call me at work on Thursday.
Thursday morning at 10:30 Dave from chets shoes calls he asks me if I have adequate footwear while they "repair" my boots.
my head is starting the countdown to explosion on Dave weasels ass.
I tell Dave that I'm wearing a 5 year old pair of boots my fucking feet hurt and I aint taking "repaired" boots back from weasel Dave.
much to my surprise the dewd says
"you sound like you are not satisfied with "repair" we will then replace these boots but it will take a little time"
right then I feel like I won, I'm not going to even ask him how much he's charging for this service. He tells me its policy to ask if repair will satisfy customer I say ok but it aint ok with me blah blah.

now it's going to take till next Wednesday to get new boots.
when I buy them I walk into the store and they grab them from back stock I wear them out.
done deal.
but this deal needs another fookun week?
I didn't want to press my luck with Dave my fucking feet hurt I want new boots and I want the fuckers replaced for free.

thank you red wing shoes in advance................

oh yeah go see Snakes On A Plane this weekend maybe twice

and titties
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