ITWASSOOTED: Republican Sex Scandals

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Republican Sex Scandals

lots of pedophiles, man boy strange donkey sex. These are the morals party?
guess what? And these are the assholes that are talking gay marriage is bad for civilization. They are the gayest fucktards around' scared of their own closeted sexuality. So they tell you no as they do it in the ass in the whitehouse, our whitehouse. I don't care where or who you do it to
just don't fuckin tell me I can't while you fuck lil kids assholes.
you sick fucks are too used to building into law your own immunities' that you can't tell when your crossing the lines you fucking draw
I'm so sick of all you perverted fucktards you need keelhauling all of you all

more than you can shake a stick at HUGE list here
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