ITWASSOOTED: Be careful driving

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Be careful driving

This weekend is a holiday in the states, many zillion miles are driven on the roads.
I'm not sure if its actually more than during a workweek, I highly doubt it. I mean not everybody gets in a car to drive to grannies. There is a holiday message here during radio news casts from some 'spokesperson' from I think the DOT. The message this person relays is how DANGEROUS it is to drive during this weekend, it being the most dangerous driving holiday of the year. Fatalities soar. What I was struck by was this persons dire somber prediction, (I paraphrase now) "I'm afraid this year will even be more deadly" I should try and catch the broadcast again as I'm certain its replayed all day. You see this spokesperson was warning us that with perfect road conditions we won't have the visual cues as to the dangers of driving like a dusting of snow would. And finished with a somber dire prediction of mayhem and death far worse than ever before.

now I don't think it really could be part of a concerted effort to keep us ever vigilant of our impending deaths in firery crashes not on purpose it just couldn't be. But I hear far too much about the dangers of everyday life to think its an accident. I think we are being conditioned or planned on, being mentally destroyed, if not bodily but by something hideous somewhere somehow soon.
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