ITWASSOOTED: a mandate for meekness.

Friday, November 10, 2006

a mandate for meekness.

Impeachment 'Off the Table,' Conyers Says

"What the media is instructing (the Democrats) to do is be nice, play civil," he said. But in his view, an election in which not a single Democratic member of Congress was defeated is not a mandate for meekness.

they guy that some hoped was in a basement with a pile of subpoenas has claimed that impeachment is not healthy for this country. "so its off the table".
some figure the democrats are just getting "their ducks in a row" the investigations need to be conducted to see if someone, anyone could should or would be impeached. Has the president or his vice president committed any fucking crimes that they are aware of? Most likely not. If anything criminal has been done its been done with the proper insulation of a few layers of plausible denibilty and the constitution really hasn't been fucking shredded. Habeas corpus torture gate 911 stand down downing street memo energy meeting dividing up iraqistan prewar opium production and distribution.

fuck no gawd no the president or his vice president had no fucking idea any of that shit was going down. Or am I just dellusional rabid leftist ,and think what that their machinations are illegal immoral and just plain fucking wrong for no other reason than I just simply hate, I'm a hater that's all. They did and do nothing wrong ever
its me
I'm a hater
end of story
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