ITWASSOOTED: Mansions 100k leads to riot

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mansions 100k leads to riot

Stayed up late played a turbo to get into mansions 100k. Won a seat on second try so I stayed up to play in the big event. 3 odd hrs later my ace queen sooted is defeated this time by a pocket pair of kings. I really needed a hand at the time to double up to maybe make a run at final table. No such luck finished 25th for a prize of 650.00. my investment of 40.00 for the turbos paid off up +610.
ok now to the riot. I'm up later than normal, I Go to bed about 2:30 so I'm sleeping away this morning and I'm dreaming I'm at some sort of carnival or festival like fourth of July parade or some such thing. I think its Chicago I've never been there but I think it is any ways. I'm up in a building watching people crowding around down below, over a P.A. system somebody announces that tiger woods will lay on his brothers grave and make a short speech. In my dream tiger had a brother that died in Vietnam and tiger is going to say a few words. He says something like get out of Iraq now its doing nothing but killing people like my brother, he gets louder says similar sentiments. About twenty of so people I can see are laying on graves or the ground near him in solidarity. When here comes water hoses to chase them away and shut them up. A huge chorus of booooos go up. I thought it was directed at tigers speech since there were so many vets in attendance at the parade, but then we see water hoses loosed on tiger and his fellow ground layers. All of a sudden the ground layers get up and run into the water cannons and start beating on the hose holders. The cheering starts anew GET THE MOTHER FUCKERS BEAT THEM BACK... Etc black hooded bastards with clubs descend on the crowd that has attacked the hose wielders nobody gives back ground its a full on counter attack the crowd gets bigger and bigger attacking the hooded helmeted bastards and the hose wielders fighting back and beating them with their own clubs this crowd aint giving in the the forces of evil and surpression...........I wake up its only a dream I had after a nite of poker tiger woods leading a riot?
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