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Thursday, March 08, 2007

basil rathbone on demand

aka Sherlock holmes

the other night I'm laying in my recliner watching a movie on tcm, its Bogart day so it was Maltese falcon at the time. I'm laying there thinking gawd damn i see this movie every few weeks lately wonder why? am i just noticing it, or is it on a thousand times a year on tcm? then i wonder why don't i ever see old Sherlock holmes movies? the ones with basil rathbone and Nigel Bruce? to me the real Sherlock Holmes. not the new fakey versions with George c Scott or dabney fucking Coleman.

back in my childhood i remember watching on Saturday or Sunday old Sherlock Holmes movies with complete rapt attention. i could watch them every weekend over and over as they were the best damn movies every. its possible they were on a local PBS station and had no commercials and that's the reason i remember them and actually watched them.

to this day my favorite channels are without commercials and my most favorite is tcm with the old black and white Bogart movies on every three weeks

but i digress again. last night i turn on the teeeveee and what to my wondrous surprise basil rathbone is saying to Dr Watson "elementary my dear fellow!" i about shit in excitement seeing this greatest ever version of Sherlock Holmes on my teeveee. and the next movie was also Sherlock Holmes of course i couldn't stay awake to watch them both but it didn't matter . my powers of suggestion and powers of my subliminal demands were so fookun strong that in one day i got what i wanted on my fookun teevee at least for a few hrs and in this life can any human being ask for much more than that?
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