ITWASSOOTED: bought new windows today

Saturday, April 07, 2007

bought new windows today

there are no returns on this 7k purchase i better have the fucking openings correct.
remember from a previous episode i bout a cheap garage door and opener and was/is/am embarrassed by this purchase? well on my travels to upgrade the double wide i was looking at several options. leave trim install custom fit replacements. take out complete old window and frame replace with marginal quality window. then i went uptown with wife to look at the ones i was going to buy last nite and was still questioning the quality of the damn window i was convinced to buy.
in the intrest of not being dissapointed with this purchase we both agreed to upgrade even further and buy the best window the home center sold in that style and price range. i'm fucking sure i could have bought a more expensive window but in our range and the type this is the best. now if i'm dissapointed i'll have no fall back line like " well it wasn't the cheapest" or " well at least its not a chinese window"

i dunno spending that kind of cash you like to be a completly satisfied customer right?

i hope to fucking allah ahkbar i measured everything correctly too. we will know in 3-4 weeks when delivery is supposed to happen.

now i need to eat breaky then install two more interior doors and maybe if i feel like it do a little varnishing. maybe i take a few pictures for the fans of this wildly exciting blogatopia. i know ppl love to see great looking oak doors in mid varnish........thank you and fo
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