ITWASSOOTED: sorry i blew up,

Thursday, April 26, 2007

sorry i blew up,

sorry i blew up,
i thought i ordered it from the factory. got it today
thanks for your prompt attention

--- wrote:

Your order was entered on my web site on Saturday, 4/14. It was then sent by fax to Simonds on the next business day, Monday, 4/16. As it says on the web site, having a blade bored adds 3 to 4 days> (business days) to the turnaround time - if it was a stock blade it would> have shipped on 4/17. It shipped today, exactly 4 business days after 4/17. UPS tracking # 1Z4666860353054783 Owen Johnson Just Saw Blades> Featuring Quality Circular Saw Blades> by SystiMatic

If you had ordered direct from the factory, it might be on the boat by
SystiMatic blades are made in Europe.:-) When you order from me, it's
shipped directly from the SystiMatic (Simonds International) warehouse
Big Rapids, MI. That's also where they take a stock blade off the shelf
do the custom boring. They do enough blade boring to keep one machinist
pretty busy, ergo a 3-4 day delay.
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