ITWASSOOTED: Bad luck 17 - Cerb 2

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bad luck 17 - Cerb 2

On 4th of july I went to Brussels Airport for my flight to Philly.
At the check in they couldn't find me on the passengerlist.
Turns out that the fookun travelagency didn't complete the reservation.
That agency was truly worthless, luckily the good folks at US airways could book me on a United flight to Washington Dulles.

The check for foreigners is gawddamn tedious.
There are videoscreens with a guy and a woman explaining the process.
The slogan was "It's as simple as 1-2-3." The lame jokes and toothpaste smile were fucking nuts.
I wanted to smash the fucking screen in but I'm not an idiot.

The officer guy asked some questions. I said "going to Vegas".
He said : I'm going there myself in 2 days.
He also called my brother and I bigtime gamblers.
We, as foreign scum, need to give finger print and smile for the camera.
I did not do the Colbert smile, once again, I'm not an idiot.
Then it was checkin' time: shoes,belts all out/off.
Somehow we got through ( filthy belgians).

So at Dulles there is a Ted flight to Vegas.
The plane is ready for takeoff and at that point lightning struck the fookin control tower.
The tower had to be evacuated and so we were trapped for one hour.

On old teacher said: If you land in the USA, look around for 5 seconds. You will find the fattest person you have ever seen. This proved to be correct, maybe the no donut tour is on to something.

In Vegas there were record temps, this belgian fool almost lost it outside Mccarran airport.

The NY cabdriver did not know french fries were belgian. This has to be corrected, one american at a time.
She also didn't know Colbert.
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