ITWASSOOTED: Israel sets Holocaust damages at $240 billion

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Israel sets Holocaust damages at $240 billion

is that all they want? i fookun doubt it. and from who do these people want this 300 billion? the nazi regime as far as i know was dismantled defeated and ended back about 1945ish.

believe you me they will never stop demanding satisfaction from the planet even if somehow they get 300 million from who the fuck knows who......

JERUSALEM: An Israeli government report that claims to be the first of its kind has set material damage to the Jewish people during the Holocaust at some $240 billion to $330 billion.

Although previous studies have estimated the value of looted Jewish property, the Israeli government calculation includes lost income and wages, as well as unpaid wages from forced Jewish labor.

The report estimates the value of plundered Jewish property at $125 billion, at current prices. It estimates the loss of income at $104 billion to $155 billion, and unpaid wages of forced laborers at $11 billion to $52 billion.

The new document is an extrapolation of information drawn from more than 100 sources and involves no original research, said Aharon Mor, a Finance Ministry official who headed a committee that spent seven years compiling the report.
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