ITWASSOOTED: Bank for International Settlements

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bank for International Settlements

the imf and the world bank.

these are the organs pushing the buttons around the world.

these are the organisations that will kill you if you do not go along.

saddam would not go along with buying united states debt with profits from oil sales

he would not continue to sell oil in united states dollars.

iran has started to sell oil in other than dollars.

and iran has probably not bought united states debt.

guess what they get destroyed.

hugo chavez is in a similar situation in venezuala.

selling oil in euros not uniuted states dollars.

i doubt he has been blackmailed into buying united states debt.

also i think they can do without imf extortion rackets.

the tax payers of the united states are paying off third world debt through the gas pumps.

its not about lack of oil.

its about control of the worlds populations through energy,oil,gas,water.

all the planets resources are owned by a very small elite banking group.

thier individual names scarcly appear anywhere.

they drive the wars the famine the destruction.

its probably way too late to stop them.

they controll us all.
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