ITWASSOOTED: The government is rogue. beijingyank:

Friday, August 22, 2008

The government is rogue. beijingyank:

The government is rogue.

Cherry picking false intelligence to begin illegal aggression and no bid contracts.

Anthrax inside job.

Slam the Patriot Act and appoint the occupation's favorite, Chertoff.

Well orchestrated cover with the neocons all over the mainstream media spewing their garbage.

Neocons providing cover for the 911Commission.

Neocon rogues threatening phone calls, arkincides, and visits from suits showing guns to patriots that will not lie down and play dead.

Pogroms are becoming more fashionable as the truth is revealed to the sheeple.

Allah Akbar, my arse. Everyone knows who did 911, and the Anthrax attacks.

Just a matter of time before the public says enough is enough and it's pogrom city for the beautiful people.
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