ITWASSOOTED: Bush era war criminals will walk

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bush era war criminals will walk

Why do we need to remember only some history in order to not repeat it?
(TM holocaust) but when it comes to American government crimes and corruptions we are supposed top move ahead and not look back?
Is it any wonder much of the civilized populations around the globe resent our actions("they hate us for our freedoms") and behaviors when we can't even be bother to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.
Actually thats just another fantasy dreamed up for a domestic narrative that the fox gobbling sheep eat daily as they go about there work a day lives. Any real introspective truth and reconciliation tribunal would have scads of our corrupt government members leaned across the bar of international justice, asses bared to the cane of an indignant world.

We are not the be all and end all of everything moral and just, we are some sycophantically tuned killing mother fuckers. To sit back after each regime is done flaunting its excess at the world and claim we only need to look forward is another fucking crime in itself.

These are the changes i was hoping we would not see but actually expected, the "powers that be" do not let things happen on accident, an Obama regime was not a miracle or accident its pre ordained and welcomed as another step towards full on fuckatude for the masses.

Obama advisers: Harsh interrogators will walk

Stephen C. Webster
Published: Monday November 17, 2008

Even as President-elect Obama vowed "to regain America's moral stature in the world" during Sunday's 60 Minutes appearance, two of his senior advisers confessed there is no intent to pursue those in the Bush administration who engaged in torture.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to the Associated Press, the advisers said that the plan is to put a stop to current interrogation methods and to "look forward" as opposed to focusing on prior transgressions.
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