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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"experience and intelligence" that we could draw on

Happy Days: No Crime, No Foul for the Media-Political Club
Chris Floyd

November 12, 2008


My word, yes! Let's be happy that Condi is happy! Let's not put Condi on trial for war crimes, or bother her with investigations and tribunals. Let's not take her to Fallujah and put her in front of, say, a woman who has seen her own children blown to bits just like the four little girls in Birmingham. Why would we do that? In fact, what would be the point of raking up all that old dirt again on anybody? We don't need trials and investigations. We don't need justice. What we really need is for Condi Rice to "put her experience and intelligence to work" for us. Maybe she could join Obama's team, just like her partner in mass murder, Colin Powell. Wouldn't that be an opening to change that we can believe in?

Powell, then Condi -- hey, what about Dick Cheney? Sure, he "bears enormous responsibility for the nightmare of the Iraq war" -- but he's still got a lot of "experience and intelligence" that we could draw on. Imagine old Dick -- the greatest bureaucratic infighter of our time -- clearing away the red tape for Obama's programs!

So this is how it's going to be. Not only is Obama not going to pursue any kind of criminal investigation of war crimes, torture, concentration camps, warrantless spying and the innumerable other high crimes of the past eight years -- he is not even going to be pressured to do so, not even tepidly, by the leading lights of the "progressive" movement.
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