ITWASSOOTED: Arthur Nadel Florida Mini-Madoff

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arthur Nadel Florida Mini-Madoff


Reuters: Arthur Nadel - Sarasota Florida Mini-Madoff - On the Lam. Is he Jewish?

Seems like Arthur Nadel - of Scoop Management - aka the Sarasota Mini-Madoff - is on the lam. And if you are asking, yes, he is a Jew, and, "a prominent player in Sarasota's Jewish social and philanthropic circles." Sound familiar?

Arthur - come home and get a lawyer. The word on the street is that Obama is forgiving everyone... and moving on...Madoff is out on bail and word is he will never go to jail.

Obama's letting Bush and Cheney go! Don't do anything rash. You can live and be well. It's only money.
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