ITWASSOOTED: Brown Calls for EU-US Global Rule

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brown Calls for EU-US Global Rule

again a "global crisis" is engineered on purpose to enact new global enslavement collars.

maybe the chip isn't embedding in your forehead today but gradually it will be and without so much as a whimper.......

no "change" except the change the masters of the universe want and will get.
easier to pretend the black dewd is on our side when in actuality he is groomed by them for their own purposes not yours or mine.
look who they chose as advisers, look who went to Russia to talk. Baker, Kissinger et al.
come on look who is helping the banking failure iron itself out?
the same fucks that engineeered it in the first place, come the fuck on its not that hard to see why the top mouth pieces are laughing in our faces!
we are had and after awhile its fuckin sad..........

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