ITWASSOOTED: swine flu boondogle

Thursday, May 07, 2009

swine flu boondogle

i will posit that swine flu craze is a couple of instruments.

1) who remembers Jane Harman traitorous acts anymore?

2) who remembers the apaic spy case anymore?

3) who cares Eric Holder authorized secret renditions during clinton years?

4) who cares Israel is up the Washington asshole like a tapeworm?

5) who cares that Washington is controlled and constantly spied on by zio nazi?

6) who fucking cares that the banking elitists are sinking your boat to raise profits


swine/bird/sars is a dry run for when they really unleash the pandemic and blame it on usami

maybe all of the above.

oh and the fake obama regime stresss tests for banks?
fagetaboutit its still trillions in liabilities for the dirivatives that are out in pandemic land

Thank you and good night

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