ITWASSOOTED: December 28th Is Childermas! Fuck Brad Childress

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 28th Is Childermas! Fuck Brad Childress

Holy Innocents' Day, also called Childermas
28 December
In some cultures it is said to be an unlucky day, when no new project should be started.

The Massacre of the Innocents is an episode of mass infanticide by the King of Judea, Herod the Great,

In Spain and Hispanic America, December 28 is a day for pranks, equivalent to April Fool's Day in many countries. Pranks are known as inocentadas and their victims are called inocentes, or alternatively, the pranksters are the "inocentes" and the victims should not be angry at them, since they could not have committed any sin.

fitting that this "prank day" is named after brad fucking childress the coach of the Minnesota vikings who fooled all of us into thinking they had a defensive pass rush, a secondary that could cover instead of being toast, a special teams play instead of special Olympics players, an offensive line that really is offensive to viewers eyes and most especially a fucking adrian Petersen who gets paid to fumble in crucial situations!?

you tell me NFL aint rigged a gawd damn touchdown favorite is blown up by a depleted and hopelessly outmatched bears team? what 90% of Monday night money on vikings down the gamblers fucking tube?!!!

ya its hardly rigged you no block in the back calling penalty only when it suits the gambolers motherfuckinbastards

vikings mauled by bears: 36-30 disaster looms for ill prepared over their heads vikings in first round playoff ouster!
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