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Sunday, January 19, 2014

SysConfig; First A Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King Jr

SysConfig 19 January 2014 4:39pm Recommended 32 First A Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King Jr. Who experienced illegal taps by Hoover in an attempt to Black Mail Him and squash his efforts and the movement.. They failed. And these same types will if not the same. . What would he say today at the new attempts at bondage. If it is immoral to enslave a people by virtue of their skin it any less moral to subjugate an an entire putting the equivalent of an overseer an inconspicuous but all to intrusive nanny. their pockets which has been proven not to have secured us in our homes and possessions?. Some would argue slaves were well treated..that all the abuse was an exaggeration..they were investments and well leave them to themselves was dangerous..cruel even!..they could not be trusted to themselves..and educating them would be a great risk no less grevious than giving them arms.. So we here again its for our own protection..the good of the nation..the abuses are non existing..all is above board..we are like the slaves good investments..a market place and asset to be well maintained....but that can't be trusted to their own devices and mischief...unless we are holding one of theirs.. If they are our friends and neighbors too how can this be possibly so? If they are just like us? Or do we have two classes of citizens..and sets of for them..and one for us. What would Martin say? What would Martin Do? what would they label someone like him today if he were alive objecting to this dual class system What would they do to someone like him today? In our hearts..and minds..we know all too well.. and its why in whatever way we can we nust support the Kings, The Ghandis, The Snowdens..because yesterday now stares us in the face today ..and no one of us should take a step farther back..on private assurances of trust.. in fact..what some would say a leap backwards in history. Thank you MLK..Thank you Ghandi..Thank You Ed Snowden Thank you GlennGreenwald and all the alternative papers and true journalists like Poitras and news that recognize what is at stake..
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