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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Gillette scam

Good morning Razor using world!  Last night I had a revelation, to me.  I'm living in the home of Gillette stadium and a think a razor blade empire. is Robert Kraft the mogul behind the razor blade fortune?  who knows? go look it up on the inter tube. 

I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep during the daylight hours in preparation of working the third fucking shift, and I thought about union workers wages in NYC as compared the schmos working in right to work malls in Oklahoma.

union carpenter in Manhattan NYC Not Kansas is taking home 90.00 or 90 + dollars an hour including his or hers total package. his employer is billing profit and company overhead on to of that shit.

this will set the bar, so the schmos in Des Moines, mpls , Milwaukee, might be getting half that and their companies are able to charge profit and overhead on that. then the illegals and edge of the scale guys working as "independent contractors" might get half or less of schomos pay. but owners still charge same profit and overhead as schmos guys do.

this thinking leads me to fucking razor blades and a commercial I saw for razors with security tazoring a guy for asking to see blades behind a glass cover...because they are so fucking expensive.

ok long story longer,  some blades are soo expensive they are behind glass and need to be purchased via credit verification and fico score above 700.

those are really the scam blades and not really the profit makers,  the profit makers are the three cent razors selling for 8.00 for 8 blades, the 1 cent blades selling for 6.00, the 2 cents blades selling for 9.00, that's really where the fuckers make the money, not in Manhattan NYC but Manhattan Kansas and buttfucksville worldwide.  pretend there is a great high end product, let the imagination machine sell that great high end piece of shit, sell 9 of them and be a great designer edgy fuck... then sell a "lesser" brand of same gunk to the masses 9 0 billion of them. goto superbowl.

I swear I'm going to quit shaving............

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