Friday, March 06, 2015

Rebranding "THE TOILET"

Or The List
The Gang
The Group what wants to kill all you all.

Back When Reagan (Tore Down that wall) Brand, Simpletons were sent out amongst the masses and told stories of the cold war being over and what a boon it would be to the hseeples tax rates as we didn't need the defense Department anymore.

Gone was the Commie boogieman, Gone was the specter of eminent death at the flick of a switch.
The livin was easy and the air was clean.

This was a game though, is a game.  Never will the trillion dollar industry that is "defense"brand give up its gains.  when you get a budget, you don't not spend it to the hilt and then some. why if you don't show cause you aint gettin the same amounts again. people will expect rebates, they will expect you to do with less next time.

So is the public treasure chest.  once allocated, do you utmost to spend more than is allocated and then cry,,,,, cry.... cry you need more.

Now in public school systems where the public treasure chest is for "THE CHILDRENS"  its fairly easy to get more, even though there Prolly aint much more , they get it because its for" the children's" brand.

The Defense deptartment, needed a new boogieman, a real boogieman, not tin  horned dicators on tiny islands. no that wouldn't sustrain a real campaign.

The gang that that was assembled some 40 years ago was still largly intact, maybe dormant at their respective figurehead jobs as corporate  board members or advisors to corporations.  none of our players were really out of the game.

PNAC.  the project for the new American century was alive and well.  these schmos had ideas, big ideas.

these ppl knew how to brand fear they knew how to brand hate. they knew how to brand taking money and not getting a peep of resistance.

these fuckers could steal trillions and nobody, i mean fucking nobody would raise one cup of tar or an ounce of feathers. that's how good these fuckers are at "branding"

i need to get to my point before i foget my damn point, my point came to me like 4 days ago.

The rebranding of the boogieman.

Al quaida was sufficient post 911, we believed everything and swallowed all the shit hook line and sinkers.   Todays soffisticates are not see easily lead , so a rebrand of boogueman is in order.  ten years of the boogieman killing random traveling salesmen by beheading them on camera wasn't skeery enough anymore, especially when half the randon salesmen might have been joos.

the bright lights on madison avenue decided killing jews on the news aint all that anymore, people don't particularrly care here in rightwing christian america...

ding ding ding ding, thats right, its a rebrand as ISIS (wtf)  but this rebrand kills fucking christians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

efuckin gads its killing people that i goto church with!!!!!!!!!!!!! now thats some fucking retributional killing shit i can get behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a story i saw on a new york tabloid last week described these fuckin heathens feeding a kidnapped son to his searching mother as a dinner!!!!!! now isn't that a fucking great wrath making brand story?

reminds me of what the nazi's were acused of doing in the late 30's and 40's to the jooooooos.

when the ISIS brand soaop and lampshade factory opens, wake me up and remind me who is rebranding who.....

i'll come back later and fix all my fucking typos. until then fo and have a good night.

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