ITWASSOOTED: If you have nothing to hide....

Saturday, May 16, 2015

If you have nothing to hide....

Why be a jerk?  Just comply...

How do I know if I'm not hiding something? 
 there are 6 million federal statutes I could be in violation, and probably 4 million state statutes, 2 million international statutes.

I'm never certain if the man could be making something up on me, if my nervous twitch is a sign I'm hiding something, or thinking impure thoughts, or in the future I might be guilty of something egregious.

the self inflicted wounds of wars on everything, should not curb our constitutional rights to be secure in our persons and papers. our rights to travel freely unobstructed by arbitrary searches and for profit only seizures.

"the man" and "I feared for my life"(TM) is outta control.
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