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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Role Player Support Services

can you act a " sucking chest wound?

then you are our type of people!!!!

Our program management team works in concert with the exercise planners to develop and integrate Role Player participation. The overarching objective is to provide the exercise response community with Role Players who exhibit realistic, scenario relevant injuries and casualty symptoms that can be readily identified, evaluated and processed for treatment. To accomplish this, IIF Data recruits, hires, trains, moulages and manages Role Players who display the physical and emotional trauma associated with their simulated injuries.

back in the day TM  I remember a kerfuffle over " fake news" it was something on the lines of faked up scenes of whatever agenda driven crap they wanted "exposed to the masses"  it was done with such realism that people glancing at the "news" or in after the tiny disclaimer had no idea it was a faked up story.  

fast forward 10-20 years and its seems we even do "disasters" "terrorist actions" as faked up.  there is a whole industry made of of crisis actors technicians etc etc etc.

all for making real world scenarios as real as possible for "training". 

I/we here in the hat of tin community have a sneaky suspicion that these are as coop-able as any institution for nefarious purposes.  why not what makes these ass-hats any less vulnerable to the machinations of the global Khazar elitist scum hell bent on total enslavement of the universe!

can you hear and feel that sucking chest wound?  that's our collectives souls being stolen and eaten by the devil...........
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